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I am a SON looking for a KIDNEY
(for my mom, Sue)

Hey, I’m Ben.

I just want to say a quick thank you (from the bottom of my heart) for being here. I created this site to help my mom find a kidney, save her life, and to bring more awareness to organ donation and the positive impact it can have on so many people. My mom adopted me at two days old and raised me as a single mother for more than a decade. Her decisions saved my life and it is my ultimate hope to now save hers. Beyond what she has done for me, as a loved and devoted teacher of 35 years, to extend her life would be to extend her impact on the world around her. 

When we found out her kidney was failing a couple months ago I knew I had to do everything in my power to help her. I hope to find someone out there who is willing to courageously donate the gift of life so that my mom can continue hers. My wish is that we are able to save my mom's life and pass this site along to another son or daughter who finds themselves in this difficult position in an effort to do the same.

For more information on donation, financial support, and finding out your blood type, click “I Want To Help” below.

Again, thank you. 
- Ben


My mom needs a kidney.
Are you her type?

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A Message From Susan



“Hi, My name is Susan Bierbaum. I live in Labadie, Missouri with my husband, Steve. We are blessed with 3 sons, a daughter-in-law, and 2 grandsons. I taught first grade for 28 years and community college for 7.

32 years ago, my sister, Sandy, donated her kidney to me. Because of her gift, I have enjoyed a life of travel, gardening, and spending time with friends and family.

Now I find myself in need of another kidney transplant. I thank God for Ben and my sister, Sandy, for all of their efforts in extending my life. Thank you for taking the time to read our story and considering organ donation.”

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Do I have to be related to the recipient to donate my kidney?


New anti-rejection medications make it possible to donate to distant relatives, friends, even strangers. But wanting to donate doesn’t mean you’re automatically qualified to do so.

Transplant teams take prospective donors through a careful physical and psychological screening process -- much of which can be done remotely for donors who live far away -- to make sure the donor can undergo the surgery with no ill effects, physical or otherwise.


What is the procedure like for the donor?


Today’s kidney donation surgery usually takes only a few hours, and it requires only a few small incisions and two or three days in the hospital.

“We say it usually takes three weeks to get back to almost all of your normal activities, and about six to eight weeks to feel completely back to normal,” says Leslie Hicks, RN, Duke’s kidney transplant coordinator.


Who pays for the donor’s procedure?


All hospital expenses are paid for by the recipient’s medical coverage -- only costs of travel, time off work, and a few post-surgery medications aren’t covered, and A Good Match attempts to cover those costs.


After the surgery, how will my life be different?


Careful screening of donors means that only people who are in very good health will be selected -- and for those people, the risks of future complications are very low.

Women of childbearing age can still have healthy pregnancies after donating, and the risk for future kidney disease is not affected by the donation of a single kidney.

Kidney donors will need regular blood and urine tests to monitor kidney function, and they need to watch their blood pressure, so they must visit their regular physician every year but that’s something all of us should do anyway!


Source: Duke Health

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